HOUSE TOUR 2015 – Part 2

House Tour 2015-Part 2

“House Tour Part 2” – We are one week into showing our house to potential buyers, and I am already exhausted (more about that later). So, today I am going to be showing you guys our upstairs! I am very happy with everything that we wanted to update on our second level, you can’t imagine how comforting it is to have the house completed.

Here we go, may I introduce the second level of our “first Home”.

Master Bedroom House Tour 2015 - part 2

Our master bedroom is huge, and I had a hard time filling this space. But after we bought a new bed frame, and rearranged everything it made more sense.

Handmade bedroom curtains | Rug | Bedding

Master Bathroom before House Tour - Part 2

This is what the master bathroom looked when we moved into our house 3 years ago. One of our first tackles on the second level was to take down that hideous wallpaper trim. I also changed out all fixtures, expect the bathtub fixtures. Master Bathroom House Tour - Part 2

Master Bathroom House tour part 2

The master bathroom has much more personality now, although I haven’t done much to it.

Wall Color | Glass/Frame Shower | Light Fixtures | Towel bar / Towel Rings | Area Rugs | Faucets | Wall Art

Guest Room House Tour 2015 - Part 2

Our guest room is not the most attractive, it is mainly a room we use for storage.

Kids room House Tour - part 2

Bailey’s room never really got finished. After he was born, we focused on remodeling the kitchen/bathrooms. I am a little sad he never got a cute boy’s room, but I promised him his next room would be a “cute” boy’s room.

Kids room 2 House tour - part 2

This is little miss Jasmine’s room, she loves her room and always sits on her little bench/treasure box/toy chest.

Wall decor/Book shelving | Rug | Toy chest

Gameroom House Tour - Part 2

The Gameroom, we only use the room when Mr. OEH’s son/my stepson stays with us. And now that we are moving overseas, we are selling most of the items in this room.

Guest Bathroom House Tour - Part 2

Next is our guest bathroom, what was once a plain old builders grade bathroom has now at least some color. I updated this bathroom for under $50.

Guest room after House tour - part 2

Shower curtain | Wall art | bathroom mat

This is it from our second level, not even close in comparison to the spectacular downstairs (I know). But all you really need is a stunning kitchen, living room, bathroom and office to be happy in my world.

And before I leave you for this week, here are also a few images from our backyard.

Backyard House Tour - Part 2

Backyard 1 House Tour - Part 2

I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in reading about “what to expect when selling a house”? I am going through a though time due to us still living in the house, having two small children + a pet. It is stressful to always leave on a somewhat short notice or during the hours when the kids’ would normally nap. I would love to share my experience, and maybe even some tips on what to do before, during and after selling a home. What do you think? – Well if interested, please leave me your comment below and I will post if enough interest is shown.

Thanks for taking our House Tour Part 2 with me, I hope you enjoyed it – probably not as much, but if you still like to hang and get inspired, why don’t you check out the “House Tour 2015 – part 1“!

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  1. Can you tell me what color you used on the wall in your master bathroom? Your link is broken for the “wall color” thanks!!

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