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Hi friends, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super busy, with lots of jewelry making, painting chairs, Halloween decorating and playtime with my two little buggers.

But before I get started with updates on my projects I like to inform everyone that subscribed to our newsletter, that we are going to transition to the feedburner newsletter system. Why? It’s a cleaner look, always reliable, the post time stamp is easier to adjust, easy sign up. Well, these are just a few pointers why I am switching over. This means our current newsletters (wordpress newsletter and Post Notification Newsletter) will be combined and transferred over to feedburner MailChimp. You can do this yourself by simply subscribing to our new feedburner MailChimp newsletter here, or in the sidebar (don’t forget to unsubscribe from the current old newsletter).

We will transfer all emails over after today’s post and you should receive a confirmation email. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and by tomorrow you will receive the new newsletter (see below).

newsletter screenshot

Ok, enough about the technical part for today. How about I share some goodies that I was working on this weekend? Like my dining room chairs, they are finally painted and sealed (I will make sure to include all products that I used for the entire process when I write the entire DIY for them). Now the not so fun part begins, taking off about 1000 staples from the old cushions which has like three different fabrics stapled on, ugh.

Let’s hope I will get to it before the next weekend arrives!

Painted Chairs

I was also working on these pillow cases, which are making my new couch super comfy. The DIY for these will be up by Wednesday.

And my last project was making jewelry until late into the night, due to my first craft show this year I have to restock all my items by Friday. Yea, this lady is super busy this week!



The finished necklace can be found here: Blue Calcite Necklace

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