Craft Show // Paschal High School Fort Worth, TX


Time for another Craft show review, this one was my last craft show/Holiday Market for this year. It is getting so cold here in Texas, and honestly I rather spend the weekends with my family instead of sitting at a craft show all day. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, I always meet amazing people and crafters alike, so it’s really never boring.

I’ll make it quick because I am also working on remodeling my kitchen (more about that in the next few weeks, but you can find sneak peeks on my instagram account @oheverythinghandmade), and the kiddos are asleep so I can paint and let it dry over night. 


Ok, so here we go:


  • Show Name: Paschal High School 
  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • Number of Vendors: about 70+
  • Show duration: one-day-show
  • Space size: 6×12 ft
  • Tables & Chairs: Tables are available 6′ for $10, and 2 chairs are free
  • Space price: Time sensitive Registration $90 – $270
  • Electricity: available at an additional fee $30
  • Security: none
  • Admission: free to the public
  • Advertisement: Banners in front of the school, advertised on Paschal High School website
  • Lunch menu: the best lunch service EVER, I had the choice of a Turkey or Veggie Sandwich from Panera Bread – FOR FREE (the lunch bag included a bottle of water, the sandwich, chips and a chocolate chip cookie)
  • Parking: available behind the school (for vendors)
  • Helping Volunteer: I had help unload, but there was no help loading up my stuff at the end. Help was available but they all seemed very busy and nobody was available in my area!
  • Visitors: 800+ 
  • Additional: Cold hallway, bad lighting
  • Recommendation: This show was 50 minutes from my home. But easy to get to. The show was unexpectedly very busy we had some bad weather forecast, but traffic was consistent during the show. I had signed up last-minute for this show, so I didn’t have a table number, but the craft show host was very helpful and took care of me right away with a good spot. However, the hallway I was placed in among others, was very cold and we couldn’t even think of taking off our jackets, that’s the main reason I won’t give this show a 5-star rating. I think I will do this craft show again next year.
  • Star rating: Screenshot 2013-11-04 08.39.16

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