From the workbench // Rhodochrosite Ring and Hoop Earring

Rhodochrosite Ring copy EarringAquamarine

Today, I like to show off my new designs that I have been working on the past week. You may know that I was prego just about 1 month ago, which kept me from metalsmithing. Due to the metal dust and fumes during the solder process, I decided to give myself a break for the time I was pregnant, caring for my then unborn was priority number one.

But now that my cutie-pie is born, mommy can spend time doing what I love the most “creating jewelry”. Hubby and I came up with a great schedule for my work hours. While I am a full-time mommy during the day, I am also preparing orders, blogging, cooking, napping and like this morning at 6am I am also cleaning bathrooms, UGH. But as soon as the kidos are in bed, mommy heads over to the garage to create jewelry and relax. Yes, I feel relaxed while I metalsmith …best feeling in the world to do what you love, and also be able to relax while at it!

My new Rhodochrosite Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring {see first image} is such a lovely ring, and it’s my first creation since I had Bailey. 

The Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver Hoop Earring {second image} were custom-made for my OB doctor, that delivered Bailey – a “thank you” gift. 

I have a few more items in store, but why don’t you see for yourself right here.

If you are interested to see my new creations first hand, I am posting step by step images on instagram of the process. Come and follow me on instagram.

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