Summer ’13 Collection – launch date April 05th & 06th, 2013

It feels like it’s been a long process for the New 2013 Collection to come alive! But with all the big things happening around me, there wasn’t time to finish it earlier. So on April 05th I will launch the New 2013 Collection online, and on April 06th from 12:30pm to 3pm you can visit the second part of the launch at the storefront of Grit+Gold in Fort Worth, TX (directions).

The new collection will be available for purchase at Grit+Gold during this time!

2013 Collection sneek peak by bettina johnson jewelryOrchid and Freshwater Pearl Earring by bettina johnson jewelry During the process of creating the 2013 collection, I thought about what my customers have said about my previous collections, and it was always mentioned that my items are unique, have a good quality and are affordable.

To provide an even better quality, for Brides, her Bridesmaids and especially for all those other special occasions. I have designed the 2013 Collection through and through with Sterling Silver and Vermeil.

Custom order Drop earring by bettina johnson jewelry 14k gold bow earring by bettina johnson jewelry

Just so you don’t have to wait until the launch of the new collection, I’ll share my cute little Bow hand-wired 14gold filled earring, available right, here or on etsy.

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