Mother’s Day Giveaway


To be a mom has always been my deepest wish, and when I had my daughter Jasmine – motherhood became a whole new meaning to me. It’s joy, laughter, love, but also hard work, painful when they get hurt, and most of all it means responsibility.

Every mom that lives up to her best to raise her children should be cherished and thanked for everything she has taught me/you. That’s why I LOVE to sponsor this adorable Pearl necklace, so you can surprise your mom and thank her for everything she has done for you.

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  1. My mom is a wonderful example to me. After my dad passed away (only in his 50’s) she went back to school to get her degree and just successfully defended her Master’s thesis on “Alzheimer’s Disease interdisciplinary education in higher learning”. But however busy she is she always makes time for my sisters and I and of course the grandkids!

  2. My mom is an inspiration and constant source of welcomed guidance. She is so awesome!

  3. My mum means the whole world to me. She works very hard to keep me and my sister happy, she never had any education but still strives for anything she wants. It’s hard to live in a Western country when you don’t know how to speak English but she still manage to raise me and that it why I love her so much!!!

  4. My mom is the most important woman in the world. She’s my adviser, confidante, teacher, and friend. I love my mom!

  5. She means a lot. She’s the one who took care of us because our father died when we are young.

  6. Mom my means more than I have ever told her. She taught me everything I know, and I am a great mother because of her! 🙂

  7. my mom means everything to me! she cooks me good meals, talks to me when i am down, and love to laugh her ass of with me too!

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