Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Submersible Floral Feature by OhEverythingHandmade

I am back, and I can’t wait to show you my Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece tutorial. This submersed faux floral centerpiece is romantic, modern, simple, yet sophisticated and features Orchids & Ranunculus!

It’s been two crazy weeks, with restless nights and busy days. I will try to squeeze in another post this week, about what has happened in the past few days, especially after we listed our home for sale. That way you are in the loop, and we can move on with my regular blog schedule.

I am very excited to show you what amazing faux flowers has. I am honored to be able to work with, they are well-known for realistic and gorgeous Silk flowers all while affordable. That’s exactly why I work only with these flowers, and is also the reason why I recommend Afloral Faux Flowers.

So, today we will be making a…

Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece

Submersible Floral by OhEverythingHandmade

The centerpiece features Orchids and Ranunculus, super cute little rose pink ranunculus buds!

Ok, so here is the list of all items you need:

Submersible Floral Material you need by OhEverythingHandmade


Step 1.

Clean all your glass cylinders with a damp paper towel.

Step 2.

Add about 2 inches of your crushed glass vase filler carefully to the bottom of your cylinder.

Submersible Floral step by step instructions by Oheverythinghandmade

Step 3.

Cut both Orchid stems, leave one stem a little longer – about 10inches.

Step 4.

Bend both Orchids to receive a natural look. This took me a little longer, because I was trying to make it look like I had only one Orchid in the vase. The curve really helps to give it that realistic feel, so play with it until you are satisfied.

Step 5.

Take the vase to its destination, so you don’t have to carry around a vase full of water. Then start filling the cylinder.

Step 6.

Once the vase is full, you add the floating candle.

I also made a few smaller centerpieces, to help the 18inch tall vase find some ground.

Submersible Floral Ranunculus bundle by OhEverythingHandmade

All I did was take off the flower heads, and lay them on top of the crushed glass. I didn’t fill this vase with water, because I didn’t have to. This can easily be made with real flowers, just make sure you add water to the vase then.

Submersible Floral Candle by OhEverythingHandmade

And for the other small vase, all I did was add the crushed glass, filled it with water (not shown in this picture) and added a floating candle.

Submersible Floral ranunculus by OhEverythingHandmade

Love the simplicity of this tutorial, and the vases+floral can be used in so many different ways.

Candle light dinner, Wedding, Anniversary, baptism table centerpiece, prom night table decor, and I also used my vases in our master bathroom as staging decoration.

Submersible Floral closeup by OhEverythingHandmade

We love to see you again for my exclusive Afloral tutorials. And should you decide to work with silk flowers from Afloral, make sure to #TAG them with #Afloral through Instagram and Facebook.

And for easy Pinterest’ing, here is the entire tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Submersible Afloral Floral by OhEverythingHandmade

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  1. love, love, love this! So simple, even I could do it! Now, to figure out how to keep the boys from knocking it over!

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