Craft show // Timber Creek High School – 2013

Craftshow display
One down, and a few more to go! I spontaneously participated in my first craft shows this year, which was last Saturday. It has been quite some time since I’ve been doing a show, due to the babies and us moving from one side of the world to the other, really didn’t leave me any room to do craft shows. But I am back, and will go full force!

On Saturday I setup my table at the Timber Creek High School here in Keller, TX. This display is different from my previous displays. Due to my new 2013 Collection I felt like I had to give my display a classier, cleaner look, but with a little rustic/chic touch.

My little assistant came with me as well, showing off her gorgeous curves and not to forget that eye-catching Pearl & Ribbon Necklace.

Craftshow display01

The banner was a last-minute accessory I designed and had printed (through right before the show. I am stocked how well it turned out! 

I also added a few decorations like the Pumpkins and some flowers + an Ivy plant. The wooden discs/planks I got at Joann at a 50% discount, which I’ve white washed.

Craftshow display3

Craftshow display2

For my business cards I came up with a glass jar display, just so I have better control over who takes them!

Craftshow display05

The craft show at Timber Creek High School was a medium show (with about 200-500 people coming through and 100+ vendors). With a reasonable price of $75 for a 10×10 space. The staff was very helpful unloading all my display and supplies, however I had to load up all by myself at the end. After 10 hours at the show, I would have appreciated some help tho.!


  • Show Name: Timber Creek High School
  • Location: Keller, TX
  • Show duration: one-day-show
  • Number of Vendors: about 100+
  • Space size: 10×10 feet
  • Space price: Regular Registration $75 
  • Electricity: available at an additional fee
  • Security: none 
  • Lunch menu: School cafeteria 
  • Parking: available behind the school 
  • Helping Volunteer: I was helped to unload but there was no help after the show. Limited help available!
  • Visitors: will be updated as soon as I receive the number from the Show Manager
  • Recommendation: Yes, it is a small craft show, but for a one-day show it was ok.
  • Star rating:Screenshot 2013-11-04 08.39.16

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