My first quilt!

DIY - Project inspiration by Luiza Pimpinella
DIY – Project inspiration by Luiza Pimpinella

I have been wanting to quilt a blanket for Bailey and Jasmine for a few months now, but didn’t feel inspired and had no idea what pattern to use. Until, I ran across this gorgeous quilt on Instagram, featured by the lovely Holly aka. freshly baked mommy from @decor8 but made by Luiza Pimpinella.

I had a bunch of fabric already stocked up and have been searching for more in the last few weeks. However, I started working with the once I already have…

cutting triangles for a quilt
Step 1: Cut out a paper triangle as a guidance (20x15cm), add 1/2″ for seam allowance.

cutting triangles for a quilt

quilt triangle cut outs

I cut the triangles, and laid them out to get a better picture on how I would want the quilt to look like. I am sure, for some it will be easier to create the pattern on a desktop. Not for me, I just couldn’t get it working, and everything took too long. So, this morning I laid the triangles out on the floor, and I think I found my favorite layout! I had no idea how hard this could be, I think I was on my knees for at least an hour!

quilt layout

Since this is my first attempt to quilt, I am not gonna go deep into a DIY on this. I am pretty sure I will make mistakes, and there is no way I will complete this quilt in a few days (although, I hope I will)!

Please, be patient with me and wait until I have it all done, I will share everything I did when completed. Do you have any tips for me about quilting that may help me along the way, maybe some “how to’s” or “how not to’s”?

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