DIY // Crochet Rope Toy Storage Basket

If you have little ones, you will know how hard it is to keep the toys not spread all over the house. Jasmine has quite a collection of teddy’s, wooden toys and small toys like her colorful shape blocks. With this said, something had to be done …we do have storage, but the wicker box that we currently used is already full and there are still plenty of toys that need to be stored away. 

I thought of getting her a Rope basket, however have you seen those price tags they come with? Not in my budget. Sure enough, after searching the web I came across a rope basket that inspired me and I immediately got started on the project.

Hope you have fun making this Rope basket, you could also make great laundry baskets or even handbags with the basics of this tutorial. The tutorial requires you to know at least the basic crochet stitches, other than that you should be good to go… enjoy!

You will need:

  • Length of rope (mine was 120m in length and 1/4 in thickness, for a 12×11 inches basket) @Home Depot
  • Sugar’n Cream Yarn (I used 100% cotton 5ply in cream and coral) @HobbyLobby
  • Size 5.00mm – 5.5mm crochet hook 



First of you need to decide what size base you need. Mine was 12inches in diameter.  My chain was only 1 inch long

Ch 5 (or number required for you desired dimensions) +2, turn

Lay the rope alongside the chain to work with an overlap of an inch.


Single crochet: sc (how to make a single crochet)

Chain: ch (how to crochet a chain stitch)

// Round 1: 

Single crochet (sc) (working over the rope) in 3rd chain (ch) from hook.  Complete a few more sc and then pull the rope forwards to line the end up with the beginning of the row (i.e. get rid of the overlap).  Sc to the final ch, 3 more sc in final ch (turning the rope around), sc to end in a round.

{NB: I sc in the back loop of my chain so that once I have turned the corner it is easier to complete the sc.  You can see this in the photo’s.}

// Working in the circle: 

3sc into all the sts. Continue until the work is your desired base dimensions.

// Working the sides: 

Once the base is large enough, stop putting 3sc in each corner st, just do 1sc in each st around.  For the first round of this you will need to make sure you lie the rope vertically on top of the row below, see image above.


// Handles: 

When the sides are high enough, and after completing a round, place st markers where you desire your handles to be.  Now when you reach a marker, leave the next set of sts unworked (I left 15sts to make mine), and crochet over the rope more sts than you have left unworked (I did 25 sts over the rope). Continue to sc in the sts after the marker as before.

// Securing the end: 

Insert hook in next st, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through one loop, insert hook in same st, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops.

// Last strengthening row: 

With my last row I want to give my basket a stronger finish. End by crocheting into the side of the ch pulling the yarn ones through the st, once around the entire basket, but not over the rope. Trim the rope if needed, and weave in all ends. (see images above)

// Questions:

Please comment all your questions below, hope you have fun making this basket. FYI it took me 1 week to complete working on it 1-2hours before bedtime.

If you share this DIY, please make sure you credit me. Please do NOT copy paste all instructions, linking is ok.

{ adapted from Make My Day Creative }

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  1. I love this! I’m working on a large rope basket with multiple lengths of rope being used. I’m having a hard time joining the end of one rope to the beginning of the next. Any helpful hints? Next time, I’m going to buy one length long enough for the entire project rather than multiples of prepackaged rope.

    1. Hi Bernie, if the rope is made with nylon or plastic tread you should be able to heat each end and while they are still hot, join them together! Do this with caution, the rope ends can get really hot and burn your fingers. To make it a little more easier, you can use some pliers to hold each end.

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