15 Kitchen Pantry Makeovers

15kitchen pantry makeovers

15 Kitchen Pantry Makeovers You Should See

After my pantry makeover, I’m curating a board on 15 of my favorite kitchen pantry makeovers at hometalk.com!

In other words, there is a bit of color, organization, and function within this board. Click here, to find more about each pantry makeover at Hometalk.

Above all, the budget is always playing an important part in my projects. But even with a personal demand for style and charm, you can achieve a budget-friendly makeover.

How to budget your pantry makeover?

When I thought about giving my pantry a makeover, I also focused on saving as much money as possible while creating a functional and appealing space.

My first step was to figure out what I had/wanted to change, my existing shelving wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad either.

Therefore, I decided to just give it a new coat of paint with an accent stripe along the edge. I already had white paint from previous projects, and for the accent color, I used one of the acrylic paint colors from my stash.

In addition, to my old storage containers, I also got glass jars from IKEA, they were inexpensive and I was able to write on them with a chalk marker which saved me the money for labels.

We also installed a pullout drawer, that my husband and I build from scrap wood we had in our garage for all the little snacks my babies love. After all, It’s all about easy excess.

Because I wanted to hide the microwave we paid a bit for an electrician to come install it into the pantry.

How to immediately start your pantry makeover?

  1. Find some inspiration on what you like to add/change to/in your pantry 
  2. Gather all supplies 
  3. Make time to tackle your pantry makeover 

Our pantry is finished and we are now proud owners of a stylish small microwave jail. Ha ha, that’s funny!


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