DIY // Triangle Paper Necklace

The modern shapes in jewelry seem to be very appealing this summer, so I thought this fun and easy to make triangle paper necklace would be the right contribution for my today’s DIY.

Here are the things you’ll need:

(scissors, plain greeting card, glue, 1ft ball chain + connector, jump rings, pencil colors, modpodge and a hole puncher)

1. Start by applying glue to the inside of your plain greeting card (Avery Textured Half-Fold Greeting Cards)

2. Fold the card in the middle, and press together. Let the card dry for a few minutes.

3. pick your favorite colors, and start coloring enough space to cover 3-4 pieces per color.

4. use 2 drops of modpodge on each colored area to seal them, which will make your necklace last longer.

5. spread the modpodge over the colored area with a piece of card-stock paper, to give it a smooth finish.

6. cut out 3-4 triangles per color

7. you’ll need a total of 9 triangles for your necklace

8. punch a hole into each corner, except the last 2 triangles, they need only two holes.

9. lay out your triangles and start connecting them.

10. close your chain with a ball chain connector, and you’re all done.

Make sure to comment me with images, to my facebook if you are trying this necklace out! Would love to see it in different colors as well.

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  1. I love your DYI tutorial! SO AWESOME!
    with material affordability, looks so glamorous, chic and super IN! 😀 I Love it!
    This necklace is so gorgeous! <3
    Thanks a LOT! 🙂

  2. So creative! Looks like a fun project that any level DIY’er could do, plus most people have the items to make it on hand.

  3. I love how these materials are not only affordable but are also things that I already have lying around the house 🙂

  4. This is an awesome item that is made with affordable materials. I’m not sure I could make this as good as shown here!

  5. Fantastic! I just love this! What an easy way to create your very own triangled necklace look! I know even my teen would love to make something like this! Thank you! I just have one question: where do you order your jump rings, the ball chain, & that sort of jewelry diy supply materials from? I havent yet purchased any because Im unsure who’s quality to trust. We are in Canada but always shop on line. Is there somewhere you would recommend? Please & thank you!

    1. Hi JayNine, glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I would recommend for any supplies. If you can’t find an item simply just ask her.

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