How to Use your Young Living Starter Kit

Hi there, today’s post is all about “How to use your Young Living Starter Kit.” So if you never heard of Young Living, like to get started with YL or just ordered your starter kit, this post if for you.

I’ve been with YL for nearly two years now, and couldn’t be happier! The main reason we started using YL was because my daughter had bad allergies, it got so bad that we ended up using a respirator on her.

The very first Essential Oil we used was RC. Jasmine was only three at that time, and I was very concerned if the oils could harm her. I remember even after I had received the oils it took me some time to get over the fear of using them.

But thankfully I have a wonderful upline; this team helped me overcome that first apprehension. I was educated and guided in the right direction. Gratefulness is an understatement!

How to use your Young Living Starter Kit

What to do, when your Premium Starter Kit arrives?

  1. Take everything out of the box and read through the brochures and flyers.
  2. Open the oils and inhale them one by one.
  3. Take out the diffuser and set it in a convenient location.
  4. If you have a bag or box for the oils and the AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment, feel free to organize them in it.
  5. Make a folder or box for all the YL brochures and flyers.
  6. Place the Ningxia pouches into the fridge so that you can enjoy them in the morning.

Now, you got everything unboxed and organized. I recommend sending your sponsor an email or text to let them know you received your kit. If you didn’t get all the educational sources from your upline yet, this would be an excellent time to let them know you are ready to learn all about the beauty of Essential Oils.

If you like to start on your own, while your emails are processing. Login to your Virtual Office at and scroll down to “Member Resources:”

This section of the Virtual Office provides you with a wealth of information and resources, including product information pages, compensation plan highlights, printable versions of our Member Agreement and Policies and Procedures documents, tax-related documents, and other forms to help you as a Young Living member.

But, if you are a hands on kind of gal like me, then I would suggest you start by using the oils right away with my ten-day challenge.



You can repeat the challenge as often as you like, make it a routine. It’s only going to benefit you! Want to know more about each oil? Here is also a quick rundown for each oil in the premium kit.

How to Use your Young Living Starter Kit DIY Essential Oils


Are you convinced you can do the 10-day challenge? If so I am here to answer any questions you may have, simply comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP. But if you are ready to sign up, feel free to use my link, here.

You can also continue on reading more about the YL Essential oils here, head over to my post here.

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