DIY // How to make pillow box packaging?

One of my new projects is how to make pillow box packaging. When you’ve made or even purchased a special gift, why not make the packaging as equally exquisite. This attractive and easy-to-make pillow box will add the bling to your present!

Tools you will need for this project:

  • Pillow box template
  • Heavy decorative paper or scrap-booking paper
  • Strong craft glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors or utility knife and metal ruler
  • Bone folder
  • Large protractor
  • Ribbon

DIY // How to make pillow box packaging:

1. Download and print the template. Place print-out over decorative card and cut-out outline with scissors or knife

2. Sore on dotted lines with bone folder and ruler. Use protractor or a small bowl for the curves on the template. Fold all scores

3. Use double-sided tape or glue on tab. Leave to dry and ahere

4. Tuck in ends. Add complimentary ribbon if desired

Hope you enjoyed the Pillow box DIY. -Betty

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