Coffee Bar Inspiration

My husband and I love coffee, the only problem we currently have is a really tight space in our kitchen. If I would add all my coffee essentials to the counter, we wouldn’t have any room left to prep food.
I remembered that one of my friends in the states has a super cute coffee bar, which inspired me to add one to our home. We have a small space in our dining area open, where a coffee bar would certainly look adorable and be functional. I also want people to feel welcome and cozy when they are here. They can walk over to the coffee area and make themselves a cup anytime they want.

So here are some of my favorite coffee bars via Pinterest. At the end of this post, I’ll show you the essentials I am going to add to mine. I am just saying white|mint and wire baskets!

First up are two beautiful designs, a pipe coffee bar that I could build and the kitchen/pantry counter design which I chose because of it’s clean and sleek design, love the soft lines throughout and the storage jars.

Coffee Bar Inspiration

DIY black pipe coffee bar | Kitchen / pantry – coffee counter via @onlydecorlove

The next two designs are very natural and warm, they reflect my style a bit better. I am addicted to chalkboards, and would like to add one over my coffee bar. The shelves are perfect and would give me some extra storage space. But to be honest, I think the dark stain is a bit too dark for me!

Lastly the white, but colorfully decorated coffee bar table. LOVE the details Bree added to her coffee bar area. I am eying that table because it reminds me very much of my bedside table that I build last year.

Coffee Bar Inspiration1

DIY Coffee BarMy Coffee Station (Baked Bree)

My Design Idea

So, I am thinking about making another smaller but taller table similar to the bedside table I made back in September. Add cute details to the wall, and a wire basket for storage to the shelves.

Shop the style:

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