How To Easily Set Up A Bullet Journal

I’m struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression. This year, I want my life back! I want to accomplish this goal, so I started a bullet journal that will help me along with my to-do lists, tasks, and appointments.

I want to share my knowledge with you guys because I appreciate you for stopping by and supporting my blog. So, today we will talk about “How To Easily Set Up A Bullet Journal

How To Easily Set Up A Bullet Journal DIY Crafts and projects ideas

Start with awareness, then determine how much this old lifestyle effects you, and then you take your life back into your own hands, by physically writing all tasks, app., and schedules from your head onto paper.

I used to tell myself that I was too busy for a calendar or planner. Or that it wouldn’t last, be used or make sense. I have a phone where I can leave notes or add appointments too, so why would I need anything else?

Well, guess what? Picking up that phone is my main reason why anxiety even exists. Social media, notifications, messages …do I need to say more?

So, let’s find out why bullet journaling can help with stress, and anxiety?

Why does a bullet journal help with anxiety?

  • keeping a journal “helps ‘off-load‘ mental/cognitive information that is taking up space in our brain”
  • they serve as a back-up system in case we get anxious and our cognitive capacity is negatively impacted
  • journaling can be particularly helpful for taking information “which may be in our heads but causing emotional distress and move it to another location
  • writing down tasks helps because journals can’t forget important things as we can
  • the act of writing allows us to discharge the fear of losing the information and discharge the information itself
  • the result is a reduction in anxiety which frees up space in our brains and not trying to hold on to information which also frees up space in our brains

So basically it helps to remember, concentrating, focusing, and staying emotionally balanced.

This last week I felt like I hit rock bottom, both kids were home, fighting at least once or twice a day. I was beyond stressed because the house looked like a typhoon went through it, and I had no time to be alone so I could recharge.

All the tasks in my head that seemed like I wasn’t going to get anywhere or get anything done were drowning me. So, I cried, many times.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Then, one night as I searched for youtube videos, I came across Amanda Rach Lee. The first video I watched instantly calmed me and I knew bullet journaling was what I needed.

How To Easily Set Up A Bullet Journal DIY crafts and projects ideas
Photo by Kelly Sikkema 

The next day I went to a store nearby and bought a dotted journal, I already owned pens and markers due to my previous Calligraphy obsession.

How to immediately start your Bullet Journal?

  1. Find some inspiration on what you like to add to your bullet journal 
  2. Gather all supplies (I’ll add a list of my favorite items below)
  3. Make time to set up your journal (maybe 1h before bedtime or before heading to work or school)

I love my bullet journal. It’s minimalistic, it sparks my creativity, and allows me to relax while setting up pages. But the best part is that I stopped procrastinating, I’ve used the bullet journal every day since I first started, a week ago.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing suggestions of anything to keep me on track. I too suffer with emotional challenges and time management is becoming one of my stress elements in life. For every one of my tasks that I can eliminate from my list of things to worry about just seems as though 20 take it’s place. Thank you for your articles some will be very useful.

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