Beautiful 2019 On-Screen Motivational Freebie

2018 is about to be over, and a new year begins. This year was different, not sure if it’s my age but …pretty sure it has something to do with it. I hope you are excited for a Beautiful 2019 On-Screen Motivational Freebie, because I am here to deliver!

Beautiful 2019 On-Screen Motivational Freebie
Photo by Heather Schwartz

Before tho., let me tell you a story.

Nakia, my husband, admitted after fourteen years or marriage (more about us) that he admired/s my stubbornness & controlling behavior. Yes, I know those are bad “habits,” hear me out.

As he was listing all my bad qualities, I have to admit that I was feeling hurt & a little sorry for him, until he said: “THAT’S WHAT HE NEEDED”!

To him, I was the perfect combination of crazy, driven and honest which kept him on his feet and especially on the right track. Let’s just say that the 20’s sure felt like a curse sometimes.

What I am trying to say with my story, is that we all have good and bad qualities, but it all depends on how you pair them. Nakia and I are not perfect by no means, but we match each other so well.

  • He motivates me when I’m down,
  • makes me laugh when I had a bad day,
  • and the best part is that he has always a different point of view.

My Motivational Floral Freebie was created due to my struggles with social media pressure and self-doubt, I have lost my drive and most days all I want to do is hide from the rest of the world. So, I took the time to relax and create something that felt inspiring.

I hope wherever you are, this little Graphic design will help you find motivation, drive, and self-esteem.

Beautiful 2019 On-Screen Motivational Freebie

Motivational Floral Freebie


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Beautiful 2019 On-Screen Motivational Freebie

Happy New Year!


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