Floral necklace & Head band DIY

This Floral necklace & Head band DIY was brought to you by Afloral.com
This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are 100% my own.

I have wanted to create a Floral necklace & Head band DIY for at least two years, and we finally got to do it with the help of my talented new friend Mindy from Mindyarnholt.com.

Ever since I started working with Afloral, my love for faux flowers has grown with each DIY I made for this fantastic company. The flowers are made with a great deal of detail, which gives each flower the realistic appearance.

But, today is very special to me since the little model for this DIY was my darling daughter, Jasmine. She loves to stand in front of a camera, not surprised she was all for it when I asked if she would model for me.

Floral necklace & Head band DIY

Floral necklace & Head band DIY Floral Necklace - step by step

Step by step

    1. Cut a shape for your necklace out of cardboard, I used a piece of cardboard from a leftover box.
    2. Use a piece of 1/8″ thick felt (size depends on your shape), glue the shape with hot glue onto the felt.
    3. Once the glue has cooled off, cut out the shape and glue the areas that came loose.
    4. Make two holes for the ribbon (a paper or leather puncher works great for this)
    5. Attach the ribbon to each side and knot them in place

Floral necklace & Head band DIY Floral Necklace - step by step - part 2

  1. With bigger flowers, you want to trim the ends a little before adding some hot glue to it.
  2. Press the flower, leave or greenery for a few seconds onto the felt before releasing it.
  3. Add as many flowers as you like, the possibilities are endless.

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Head band

Floral Hair Band - step by step

  1. Cut a 30″ piece of ribbon, find the center and glue on a leaf, a ranunculus, and a rose.

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