DIY // Romantic Branch Brooch

DIY Branch Brooch stepbystep

Brooches are simply beautiful, don’t you agree? I found a few vintage brooches from my mom last weekend, while going though some old boxes …which inspired me for today’s Branch Brooch DIY. Hope you enjoy!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 antique brass branch
  • 6″ – 8″ antique brass chain
  • 2 antique brass headpins
  • 2 crystals or regular beads 4-5mm
  • 1 brooch back
  • 1 lace bow
  • 1 jump ring 5mm
  • 1 mum 10mm
  • E6000 glue or a glue-gun with clear glue
  • pliers to assemble this project

If you like to make this romantic branch brooch, you can order all supplies (except the glue and the pliers) right here.


  1. First you want to glue your brooch back, lace bow and mum onto your branch (if you are using the E6000, make sure to let it dry 24h) with a glue gun the cure time is about 30 min. This took the longest because of the cure time, so I glued everything together before going to bed and started with step 2 in the morning.
  2. decorate your branch in any way you like

That’s it!

Now, since this was so simple I would love to have a little competition going. You may pin your own handmade brooch (any style) onto my Brooch Competition Board and tag it with #greatbrooch The winner will be announced at the end of the month and will get a box of supplies from JBBead.

Good luck!

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