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I have to admit, the past couple of days have been very busy around here! Last week I got a call from a Gift store here on Okinawa, Japan with the confirmation that they would like to have my jewelry displayed for sell. I was so excited and my entire weekend was based of off me making displays and jewelry.

I had made a jewelry frame display before, and my store display was based of it. So I started crafting…

This is what I used to make my Jewelry frame displays:

  • one Frame with a nice pattern (20″ x 16″ inches)
  • Liquitex Basics white acrylic paint – 1 tube
  • Americana Acrylic paint (color sand) – 1 tube
  • one sponge brush
  • a 5mm think wood board 30x40cm (11″x15″ inches) in size
  • 2 brown wooden sticks 5mm in diameter about 1meter long – (39″ inches)
  • one Sandpaper block
  • Drill with a 5mm drill-bit
  • 1 tube E6000 glue
  • Hand-saw

First, I made sure that the wooden background boards fitted into my frames, my next step was to align the holes for my wooden sticks, where my jewelry is hanging on. I am using resealable plastic bags for my display!

After I figured out how I was going to hang my jewelry on the board, I marked each spot with a marker and drilled the holes with a 5mm drill-bit. Sanded it down with a sandpaper block and started painting everything.

I used 1 tube with 3/4 of the sand color, mixed it well and applied one coat on everything.

While the frames and boards were drying (12h minimum) I cut the sticks down to 2″ inches (5cm) each, and sanded one end around the edge to give it a smoother look. After the frames and boards were dry enough to touch I glued the sticks into the holes and let everything dry for at least another 12h.

The next day I put everything together and luckily the regular frame backboard that comes with each frame was fitting right on top of my assembled board I had made, so it looks very nice even looking at it from the back! Yay

I apologize for not taking any step by step images, I really didn’t have time to make any. But you can take a look at my jewelry frame display DIY which was basically done the same way, except the wire part!

Should you have any questions please comment below.

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  1. Betty, congratulations for beeing selected to be a firm vendor @ the Kadena Gift Corner you will have so many more admirer of your work on this Island. Your display is clean and artistic and showcases your Jewelry beautifully.

    1. Thank you Erika, I am very excited and it’s been quite a journey for me personally and my business since we came to this island. I hope for you to be selected as well, your luminaries are very unique and they make wonderful gifts.

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