Dove earring with hand-carved moonstone marquise

This little Dove earring with hand-carved moonstone marquise was such a delight to work on, that I decided to make it a new shop listing! I love the simplicity and daintiness of this particular dove earring, which makes me believe that it would be a wonderful Bridesmaid gift or Birthday gift due to its unique look and meaning!

The deepest kind of Peace and Faith is symbolized by the Dove. It’s image stills our worried and troubled thoughts, and shows us how to find renewal in the silence of our minds. In such moments of stillness, we are able to appreciate the simple blessings that go unnoticed in the chaos that surrounds us each day.

You can order the Dove Earring with Moonstone Marquise in a few different variations.

  • Matte gold
  • Shiny gold
  • Matte silver
  • Shiny silver

I also have 3 different moonstone color options:

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