DIY // Elastic bracelet

I am always looking for small surprises for my husband, he just loves to be surprised… so today’s DIY is about “how to make an elastic bracelet”, I’ll be making a bracelet for female and male.

It’s super simple just like my other Jewelry DIY projects, and you can use all kind of beads for your own bracelet, just make sure the holes are big enough to fit the elastic string through!

What you’ll need:

  • elastic string (1 bracelet = about 12″ inches)
  • 20 – 23 Beads 8mm for female and 25-28 beads 8mm for male (FYI, Czech beads seem to have bigger holes)
  • Lighter
  • Scissor

I found a few black Czech beads in my stash, and thought this would be a great fit for an elastic bracelet. I find this to be a great way to use up your bead stash, you can give them away as little gifts or simply keep!

 1. You want to start by burning the ends of your elastic string, this takes only a second (so don’t hold the flame under to long)

2. String your beads onto the elastic string and cut off the other and when done.

3. Tie the ends together and hold them tightly.

4. Pull the tight ends long

4. Use two fingers to wrap both string ends around to make another knot, on top of the first one you made earlier.

5. This knot will make sure that your bracelet stays secure, no matter how much you pull on it!

All done! Now cut off the ends and use your lighter one last time to secure the string.

I also made a magnetic bracelet for my husband, he loved it! 

(images by me, nail polish by L’Oreal- color: spice things up 340, male watch by 5.11)


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  1. I was just curious about the magnetic bracelet you made. I noticed in the picture he was wearing on the same wrist with his watch. Have you ever heard of anyone having problems with their watch when wearing magnetic bracelets next to them?

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