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I finally found some time to give our old and outdated powder room a makeover. With red paint on the walls and no style whatsoever, this was the worst room in our home!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by and they offered me to check out their wonderful selection of home improvement products. They offer mirrors, stylish, decorative lighting, fixtures, wall art, flooring and so much more. But that’s not all, is one of the largest home improvement sites with over 1 Million products to improve your home.

Powder Room Makeover

Powder room makeover

I haven’t told you guys yet, but we are going to sell our home this year. So, we felt that giving our powder room a makeover would be the best way to go.

Before I chose a few items for the makeover on, I created a design board to help me along the way.

House tour 2015 - Powder room

Powder Room Reveal_Feature

Design Board

  • We chose to go with oil rubbed bronze fixtures, to give the all white bathroom a contrast
  • Cover the old ceramic tile with waterproof laminate wood flooring from allure flooring
  • Upgraded from a toilet wax ring to the Danco Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring
  • Painted the walls a custom light gray from Sherwin Williams (#
  • Upgraded the light fixture with the Moen DN0892 oval mirror
  • Added paneling, glass tiles and the Moen YB5690 glass shelving

Powder Room Design Board

I had seen really beautiful paneling on pinterest, which is where my inspiration came from for this makeover. But, because I wanted to save money on this makeover, I covered our knockoff texture with joint compound. This way I didn’t have to buy extra paneling for the wall.

Next step, was to measure our walls for the 1/2inch MDF paneling boards, I went with a 6inch border, with 14inch spaces in between each panel and a 3inchx26inch width and height for each panel board. Topped with another 3inch board!

Powder Room Reveal_Removed texture with joint compound

To cover the texture, I simply sparkled joint compound onto the wall where the paneling went. I applied two light coats, with a 24h dry-time in between. Then, I sanded everything smooth with an electric sander (if you have a window to air the room, PLEASE open it. This made a huge mess!)

I scrubbed the floors so I was able to install the Waterproof Allure Flooring. I sanded the walls after the floor installation (making sure the floor was covered and taped up so no dust and dirt got on it).

Powder Room Reveal-install allure flooring

Powder Room Reveal-installed allure flooring

Powder Room Reveal-installed paneling

Applying glass tile

Powder Room Reveal-Glass tile installation

At the last minute, I ran across these glass tiles and decided to add them along our paneling.

Powder Room Reveal-installed Glass tile

Powder Room Reveal-Paint walls

Once we had installed the toilet with a quite close toilet seat Kohler K-4639, and the new vanity. The bathroom started to look like a bathroom again.

Powder Room Reveal-Bathroom makeover

Powder Room Reveal-Decor

Powder Room Reveal-Installation Fixtures-1

Powder room Reveal Video

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Oval mirror: Millennium Lighting 2163

Glass Shelving: Moen YB5690

White Vanity: Maydene 24 in. Vanity in White

Toilet Seat: Kohler K-4639

Joint Compound: Pre-Mixed Joint Compound

Glass tile: glass tile

MDF: 1/2 MDF board

Mortar: Pre-mixed mortar

Grout: Fusion Pro Grout



Wall Paint: Custom Shervin Williams

Rug: Marshall’s

Faucet: Delta

Trash can: Marshall’s

Wicker Basket: Target

Soap dish and dispenser: Target

Wall art: Made by me

Candle: IKEA

Vase and bamboo sticks: IKEA

Flooring: Waterproof Allure Flooring

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    1. Thank you Cassie, I am so glad we finished it. It feels like a hotel bathroom now, definatley the best part about it! Allure Flooring who would have thought, it was super easy and inexpensive.

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