a day at the zoo…

lazy tiger
lazy tiger 

I know it’s been a while that I’ve posted about something personal, so I felt like this little post was due.

We most definitely are going though the toughest stages with our kids at the moment. I am normally a very strict and independent personality, but having a toddler that is always trying to push your buttons is “OH SO WONDERFUL”. I am telling myself all the time, how important it is to keep calm and carry on. But when I reach a point to where I don’t know what to do anymore, I simply talk about it with Nakia or a friend, it helps tremendously! 

Now, Bailey on the other hand just wants to be entertained. Walking is one of the things he loves to do at the moment, he pulls himself up on everything even if it’s his big, little sister. She loves it and most the time they start giggling and rolling all over the place.

And when I took them to the zoo last week, she surprised me when she said “i hold him”. Take a look…

jasmine & Bailey Zoo FortWorth 032214-01
Zoo day = Fun day

We had so much fun, and Jasmine can’t wait to go back to the zoo. It’s been the first time this year, and we were so thankful for a sunny and warm weather last week.

Mommy what is it?

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