DIY // Acrylic Puzzle earring

Last weekend hubby, Jasmine and I went to one of the local home improvement stores, because I was looking for some saw blades, unfortunately the Japanese home improvement store we went to didn’t have saw blades – not the ones I need. But Amazon (saw blades size 3) had just the right ones I needed.

So, we wondered around and at the acrylic and wood department, my husband came up to me and said… “this would be great for you to cut-out motives, right?” -he was holding a red acrylic sheet in his hand, waving it in front of me!!! …moment of silence, then I said “yeeeeaaaa, actually this could be my next DIY project!!!

These little earrings are super easy to make, and great as little gifts!

What you’ll need:

2×2″ acrylic sheet, parchment paper, pencil, pin vise fits, earwire and a motive. You will also need a handsaw and a file.

Note: If you don’t want to mess with a hand saw, you can easily replicate these earrings on card stock. Find instructions on how to make jewelry out of card-stock here.

1. glue or tape your motive onto the acrylic sheet.

2. saw the motive out

3. file off the excess

4. drill a hole onto your puzzle piece

5. connect to your earwire

This has been my quickest DIY yet, but it was super fun to make, you can also make tons of styles like this one.


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  1. Just like that, very creative. I like that idea a lot.
    The puzzle earings would be great for a group of friends, like a Summer Camp Group, Girl Scouts or Sports team, etc., and everybody would be part of the Big Picture by owning a piece of the Puzzle. Like having a picture, image printed on the Plastic and work from there.

  2. These are super cute! I wish I could make them–they’d go with so many outfits–but I wouldn’t trust myself with sawing at it and not myself.

  3. I love the idea of replicating with cardstock. My daughter has autism and puzzle pieces are a symbol associated with autism so I will try this with my girl scout troop!

  4. You could also just paint regular puzzle pieces – I buy puzzles from the thrift store for this. Paint them (or not) as you choose.

  5. thank you for sharing your great idea.
    do you think you could tell me what handsaw you used? It looks different any other handsaw…

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