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A few weeks back, I was asked to make a custom patina necklace for a friend, and after the order was done, I totally fell in  love with the Patina look on my Brass Components.

That’s where my new Patina Collection began, I am currently working on numerous pieces, but would like to share a few of them, which are now available for purchase.

Multicolor Patina Feather ring, will be available for purchase starting today. This Ring is one of my new favorites. It’s playful, whimsical, unique and most of all timeless.

Comes in adjustable sizes, and can be worn with beautiful floral dresses like this one: Floral Dress by anthropologie

Click here to purchase this Feather ring


A delightful antique brass Leaf earring has a patina and is sealed, hanging on a nickle free brass ear wire.
This earring measures about: 2″ inches

Available HERE


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