What I love – about my day

What I love

I captured 3 things in the past couple of weeks, that made me smile.

In the first image I captures a delicious breakfast Jasmine and I had, we mixed up a bunch of mixed fruit, added yogurt and rolled oats. What a great way to start your day, we both loved our fruity bowls.

The second image is our dog “Blue”, he is such a sweetheart and as you can see – he allows Jasmine to do anything, “doggybibs” are in!!! 

Last image was a great moment, Jasmine had just gotten a chalkboard from us and was drawing on it with great passion, until that chalk got lost… where did she put it, we looked all over until I found it in her ear, WHAT? 

So if you like to see what else we are up to during the day, make sure to follow us on instagram: bjohnsonjewelry or bettyjohnson.

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