Travel with me to the Beach

The sun is just beautiful today, and it looks like we will spend some time at the beach!

The past few years have been really busy for my husband and me, so we really haven’t been on a vacation for years now. But I have seen some really pretty beaches so far, even tho I wasn’t on a Vacation.

  1. Like the first Beach, this beach is the Nagamahama beach on the Kurima Island, Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan. I haven’t been on this one yet, but will definitely take a trip to it this summer.
  2. The second image was taken in the Maldives, unfortunately not from me… It’s on the list of “places to visit”.
  3. Is a beautiful spot, and I can proudly say “I have been there“, back in 2008 I visited my friend Janette, she lived at that time in Portugal, and took me to this amazing spot in Albufeira, Portugal. – a must see!
  4. Picture 4 is a beach in Egypt, I took my husband Nakia to Egypt while he was stationed in Germany. This place was magical, picture taken at the Sonesta Pharaoh Beach Resort Hurghada, Hurghada
  5. Florida’s Grayton dunes are stunning, I always wished to live in a Beach house on a beach like this one. Who knows, wished can come true, right?!

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