Valentines Day Giveaway

Kristal at KLDesignsLLC and I are teaming up to bring you Valentine’s Day Giveaway Hop! We wanted to get an early start, and this weekend you can win some pretty amazing handmade items…

But before we get started I like to introduce Kristal to you, she is here on Okinawa, Japan too, and she makes amazing cards. So up next is a little introduction about her… enjoy!!!

On top of this cute Valentine’s Day greeting card you will also win a pair of handmade post earrings, made by me (see image below).

Hello my name is Kristal DeBold, owner/designer of KLDesigns.

Give- A – Way Valentines Day Greeting

There  are plenty of ways to show your significant other how much you love & appreciate them. Nothing says I love you more than a heartfelt greeting, especially a handmade one.
Measuring at 7×5 inches tall this beautiful Valentines greeting is meant for either a man or a woman.  Included with this greeting is a matching envelope with envelope gum to seal. The focal point is “ Our love is.. deep with in my heart.” This sentiment is printed on Kraft card stock and in the shape of a heart. The designer paper I chose would be from my husband’s Marine Corps Flight Maps, very manly and unique. On the inside of the card is a very intimate poem written by yours truly. Quoted as followed.

“My love is like rain, it pours and pours.. As passionate and as deep as it flourishes- There is no telling what originally ignited the flame of my desire for you. All I know is you are always deep with in my heart.”

When I designed this Valentine greeting, I thought of my husband. As cheesy as it may sound its true.
When you love someone so deeply its hard not to draw that feeling to create beauty.

My Journey:
I first began my journey when I was a child finger painting which turned into fine art then I later discovered my love for writing and photography. Through out my teen years into my adult life I have experimented with many different mediums of expression to form works of art. After I had my son, I started to enjoy scrap booking. As he grew I recorded all of my son’s milestones in a variety of  fun & colorful books . Each time I opened these books, I was taken back to each fond memory of my close bond with my family.
During my sons infancy ; my husband , a United States Marine was ordered to deploy.  It was our first. My heart tore at the thought of us being separated for 6 months.
Our family readiness officer asked me to make 100 greeting cards to the deployed in an unrealistic   amount of time. In the beginning I really didn’t care too much for making greeting cards, but once I passed the initial shock I started to make HUNDREDS!
My family and I managed to get through the deployment and in the process I found out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

It wasn’t until we relocated our whole lives to Okinawa, Japan; did I start putting my business plans into action.  My husband and I are just the same, we both care deeply about making the world a better place. He became a United States Marine and I became a greeting card maker.
I believe that with each client & each greeting  I am able to take one step closer to making a positive difference in our world . My son also enjoys sending greetings to loved ones. Making a difference large or small starts with one act of kindness. I have always thought of greeting cards as a mini canvas waiting for you to admire and cherish for many years to come. I think I have one moving box filled with treasures I have kept over the years.

My Inspiration:
I am inspired by so many things it is really hard to pin point the exactitude of inspiration. Each greeting card  has a different theme and I use the world around me to help generate the artistic flow. Okinawa is such a beautiful place and that in itself it’s inspirational.

I enjoy using a variety of mediums, tools, and machines to create unique items. I am limitless when I design greetings. I enjoy using a little bit of sewing, a little bit of sparkle, inks,and some of my poetry.

If you are interested in creating greeting cards

chose a theme for example : Valentines Day Cards. who is the greeting for? Age and gender play a significant role in designs.
What is the color scheme? I enjoy using a variety of colors but for this greeting I chose Kraft card stock for the base and some patterned paper with a a hint of red.
This greeting could be for both man/woman.
What will your sentiment be? Do you want the card to be blank?
I always go with a sentiment because that is my guarantee to my clients.
When purchasing greetings from KLDesigns you will always receive a design, a sentiment, and a custom envelope.

Whenever you create a work of art, always create from the heart.
I want to thank you all for participating in this give -a- way.

“It means the world to me to help you spread the joy in someones life. I take pride & dedication into making my community a better place, one greeting card at a time.”
~Kristal DeBold~

Ready to enter for the Giveaway? Yea, ok here is how you can enter:

1. Follow Kristal’s blog -leave a comment
2. Leave us a comment: How will you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?
3. Check out her Facebook, make sure you leave us a comment after “liking” her.
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We will announce the winner after the weekend, by Monday morning Jan. 16th.
(the winner will be randomly chosen through

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  1. Since I'm all alone, I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with my mother! We will probably dine out and take in a movie!

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  2. I don't know how to find the twitter link, but I tweeted about the giveaway. My username: @thegentleflower


  3. I follow this blog via GFC 🙂
    Username: Katrine

    I'd loooove to win 😀 Fingers crossed!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  4. Valentine's Day will be like any other day for me. It will not be celebrated until I get a boyfriend. Maybe.

    faked_sugartone at hotmail

  5. What a lovely pair of earrings, and a great original card. I'll probably spend valentine's with my boyfriend back in Dublin.

  6. Well my husband is a teacher, and for the last three years he has had to be at the school on Valentines day night to help enroll his students. I would love to give him a custom card, to show that I am very proud and very much in love with him.


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