Christmas Giveaway – Handmade For The Holidays

So many independently owned businesses sell items made by local artists. Handmade items that are unique, well-crafted gems that may never be produced again! Why own the same scarf that thousands and thousands of other people have when you can own a scarf that is the only one of its kind? I don’t know about you, but I most certainly love to stand out.

That’s why I bring you unique handmade “Christmas Gift Material” today!!! I have gathered handmade items for you from local artists here on Okinawa, Japan. And you can win them, right here!

“Natural long shell necklace from the Okinawa Island” made by Bettina Johnson Jewelry

Instagram at bettyjohnson

“Merry Christmas Sign” made by Unique Pl8z

Instagram at Unique Pl8z

“Betty netted flower” made by The Fabric Girl

Email:  th***********@ya***.com

1 “Art Deco Fans Pillow Cover (including the pillow insert)” made by LodgeVintageTextiles


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  1. I always give handmade every year. I think its awesome to support local artists, and my friends and I love recieving handmade gifts as well. Its been a long tradition with us.

  2. I am definitely planning on giving hand made gifts this year. It’s so much more personal and I love receiving thoughtfully handmade myself.

  3. Absolutely love handmade gifts! I’m giving several handmade gifts this year including fingerless gloves, and slouchy beanies that I make.

  4. About half my gifts this year will be handmade. Sadly, some of the people I give gifts to don’t appreciate it, so it can’t be all handmade.

  5. well i dont really have my family here to give gifts so I wont be giving since I am in India they celebrate diwali and also christmas too but less .

  6. Of course I will gift Handmade!!! That is what my family has always done. I would not be Christmas if we BOUGHT each other gifts. Making that something special allows you to put in every little bit of love and lets the receiver know that you value them…

    Thank you for such a wonderful Giveaway!!!

    God Bless and Merry Christmas…………

  7. I’m definitely giving handmade this holiday season! It’s so much more meaningful, receiving something that you know someone took the time to create especially for you! 🙂

  8. I painted my iniertor doors a dark gray (sherwin williams urbane bronze) everyone thought I was crazy but it’s so pretty and now everyone loves it. My walls are a lighter gray (Nimbus by benjamine moore) and my trim is a creamy white. It’s a very crisp, calming palette.

  9. Yes, I have bought from both plecas. I enjoy doing business in both sites. I buy all kinds of items, some gifts for family, some essential products for home use. Thanks for participating and linking today. Glad to see you’re back on your blog.

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