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Today, we have a very talented crafter for the spotlight featured, her name is Brittany and she hand-makes super cute and vibrant dog collars ( I am so in love with them! ).

She is celebrating a special birthday this month, so keep on reading to find out what it’s all about.

About Zaley Designs:

Hello new friends! My name is Brittany and I am the human behind the puppy love of Zaley Designs.

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Believe it or not, Zaley Designs is only a year old… and just a decade ago I wasn’t even that fond of dogs to begin with! Amid all of the slobber, fur on my black pants and a few chewed up articles of clothing, my heart has melted and I have become one of those crazy dog people. 

Upon becoming one of those proud crazies I began to find myself disappointed in the lack of collars I desired to shower my best friends with… and as the cliché goes the rest is history!

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I am stoked beyond belief to announce that there will be TWELVE sparkling brand new collars to arrive on the scene as part of my Fall Collection starting the 1st of September. And this month {Zaley’s birthday month!} we have launched an Anniversary Collection featuring 4 collars, including 1 which has yet to be released.


The name Zaley is a name inspired by my two favorite puppies; Zeus and Bailey. Zeus is the inspiration behind the color, spunk and spirit of the collars… while Bailey is behind the regal, classy and preppy side of the collars. Together they bring light into my life and into my business.

As a special treat for all of you puppy lovers out there use coupon code BBZALEY for 10% off any collar in my shop exclusive for readers. 

You can also find us on facebook and instagram {brittany_bricole} to hear about exclusive deals and see sneak peeks at what we are working on!

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  1. There seem to be lots of lovely collars and designer accessories for dogs available nowadays. One of my favourites is Purplebone they do a really cute union jack collection!

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