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This week we received an order to make a care-package for 4 young Marines that just got word of their overseas deployment station. When we heard that they were going to Japan, we got excited and started immediately on their order.

It is though for a young soldier to be away from home in a country they are not familiar with, especially if it’s within the first few deployments.

During our Okinawa, Japan duty 2009-2012 I realized how some of the Marines secluded themselves or got into trouble. That’s why I believe it is very important to support our troops with care-packages or just a letter that will express our gratitude.

That’s basically how my BJ Collection started. Well, actually my husband started it, I just help him with custom orders, customer service, and images.

Here is his little story of how it all came together…

while he was deployed for 6 Months in Afghanistan during 2010, he learned how to make 550 ParaCord Bracelets and Key-chain’s to pass by the down time, and keep his mind focused but off the danger he was in. Since then, he is making these for Family, Friends and Military Members.

“Loved ones show they supported the troops by wearing or gifting these handmade bracelets and keychain’s.”

They are hand-made by my husband; with high quality military grade specific 550 (7 strand) paracord of different colors.

_DSC3929We decided that for each order that goes out as a care-package, we will include a handwritten letter that will motivate your soldier. Plus an extra (FREE) bracelet or keychain so he/she can pass it along to a friend.

Paracord Military Bracelet

You can find the BJ Collection here.

To give a shot out to a Soldier in need, go to our instagram account bjohnsonjewelry and post his image with the hash-tags #SoldierInNeed #BJCollection #CarePackage @Bjohnsonjewelry

We will pick 3 Soldiers and send them a free care-package with 2 of our handmade paracord bracelets.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. I think it’s great you are supporting our troops love the parachute bracelet. Really great work. I have been making earrings, and I love your idea of helping others. You have inspired.

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