DIY // Swirl Ring

DIY Swirl Ring by Bettina Johnson

I am a ring addict, and because this Ring is one of my favorites I thought why not share how I make them. So this weeks DIY is my so-called “Swirl Ring”. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s get started with the things you’ll need to make the ring…

What you’ll need:

Tools for the Swirl Ring prodject

Ok, do you have everything? If so let’s get started!

1. At the middle of your wire make a flat fold, use the very tips of your round nose pliers to bend your piece of wire in a U-shape.

Step one for the Swirl ring DIY

2. Then use your flat nose pliers or bent needle nose pliers to press the U-shape as flat as possible (I used the bent needle nose pliers because I have a better grip to my wire).

Step 2 for the swirl ring DIY

3. Now wrap your folded wire around your ring mandrel, and use your hammer to pound the shank into a nice ring shape. Start hammering at the folded end, and continue around to where your wires meet up with the fold.

Do not hammer your 2 wire ends yet, if you do so you won’t be able to curve and shape them easily.

Step three for the swirl ring DIY

Step three for the swirl ring DIY

4. Remove your wire from the mandrel, start by using your pliers to shape both ends to your desired look.

Step four for the swirl ring DIY

5. After your design for both wire ends is finished, put your ring back on the ring mandrel and give it a good all over hammering – including your wire design.

By hammering the wirework it ensures your design will curve naturally around the top surface of your finger. This step will harden your wire design and make it sturdier.

Step five for the Swirl Ring DIY

Finished Swirl Ring DIY

I took this little cutie a step farther and gave it a little sparkle. By adding a moonstone to one of the ends and wire-wrapping it, this Swirl Ring is now complete!

My little Swirl Ring design can now be ordered on etsy, just in case you don’t feel like getting into this Swirl Ring DIY or don’t have the tools on hand. Enjoy


(images and design by me | tools can be found at Hobby Lobby, Amazon or Etsy)

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  1. Beautiful ring and great tutorial, I am doing jewellery courses soon and I am sooo excited. I’ve never seen a mandrel before either, interesting xx

    1. Glad you all enjoy the DIY, it’s one of my favorite and the ring is so comfortable to wear!

      @Tanya good luck with your jewelry courses, make sure to get the most out of it.

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