Snack time + smoothies

Snack time1
While I always try to be creative with Jasmine’s snack time, giving her the important nutrition is my top priority! The other day, she had some peanut butter and apple slices. She also loves yogurt with rolled oats and raisins, we just use the yogurt cup it comes in and add 1 tablespoon of oats with 5 to 10 raisins. I let her mix it up that way she learns to be independent, and have some fun with food.


However twice a week I make Jasmine smoothies, I can add spinach, fresh carrot juice, fruits and much more. The smoothies are my sneaky way of giving her all those fruits and veggies she doesn’t like yet. One of her favorite smoothies is my Healthy breakfast smoothie.

What are your ways of giving your children fruits and veggies when they don’t like them? 

 {photos by me}

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