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Nakia and I watched a documentary about the internet, and it made me feel kinda old when the reporter said that there was NO internet in 1992, did you know that or remember that there was NO INTERNET!!!

I have to giggle about this, but I’ll share anyways; when I first got the internet, I had to run a 10m long cable connecting the ISDN box with my Computer, from my parents living room to my room – hiding it under the carpet and sofa couch so my dad wouldn’t see it (he was and still is against the internet!). What I am trying to say is; look how far we have come in 20 years, we use the internet daily, I can’t even imagine not having internet due to my online business (Bettina Johnson Jewelry). I made lots of friends through the internet, and I’m able to keep in touch with family and friends back in Europe, no matter if I’m in the United States or in Japan.

I like to feature my fellow blog writers for today’s blog post, you may have heard of them or maybe you didn’t, however this is where I find inspiration, “my eye candy” when I need a few minutes (during Jasmines nap time) to unwind.

Oh Joy

Dearest Nature

Lovely cluster

Oh the lovely things

Oh Hello Friend


I have a few more that I am visiting from time to time, but I’ll share them some other time.


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