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Homemade Soup

With the cold season upon us, I already have a house full of sick people, including myself! However, I am still strong enough to prepare my moms healthy chicken & egg soup, which I always received warmly in bed to comfort me when I was ill.

I swear this soup is magic, I always felt better after eating a bowl. Maybe the fact that this soup has love as an ingredient might be the reason why it’s so good.

While I was making the soup for my little family, I added just a little more texture with some elbow noodles and I didn’t slice all of the carrots. The dish came out quite rustic, but that’s how we love it! Enjoy

Recipe card

Help yourself by downloading my editable recipe card. For these cards you will need to install the free font Museo Slab.  Then purchase the downloadable PDF here, and download onto your computer and open in Acrobat. Note that the editable fields will not show in your browser window preview. These recipe cards print two per page. Just select the text you would like to customize with your mouse and insert your own copy. It is easy as that. You can print them onto card stock, trim to 4×6 and you have a great recipe card for your recipe box collection.

The editable recipe card will only be free to download during the month of November, after that you will be able to purchase them from my etsy shop.

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