New beads from India!

Look what I got in my goody-bag…
I’ll be working with these beads, custom orders (ONLY) can take 2-4 weeks. Should you be interested in something special made for you or a loved one, please contact me.

1. Black Druzy Faceted Heart  |  2. Fine Quality Blue Fire Labradorite Round Cabochon  |  3. Natural Blood Red Ruby 

4. 100% Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Oval  |  5. Natural Fine Citrine Faceted Oval  |  6. Natural Fine Citrine Faceted Pear Drop

7. Natural Copper Rutile Quartz Faceted  |  8. Natural Golden Rutile Checker Faceted  |  9. Natural Untreated Green Quartz Checker

10. Natural Lapis Lazuli Flat Pear Drop  |  11. Natural Lemon Quartz Faceted Oval  |  12. Natural Moss Aquamarine Faceted Oval

13. Natural Pink Amethyst Faceted Oval  |  14. Natural Pink Amethyst Faceted Oval  |  15. Rare Natural Untreated Pink Sapphire Checker Faceted

16. Rare Natural Untreated Pink Sapphire Faceted  |  17. Natural Ruby Zoisite Faceted Oval  |  18. Natural Smoky Quartz Smooth Pear Drop Cabochon Oval

19. Natural Smoky Quartz Faceted Oval  |  20. 100% Natural Untreated Yellow Sapphire Oval Cut Gemstone  |  21. Natural Black Sunstone Faceted Puff Marquise

22. Natural Blue Tanzanite Smooth Puff Oval  |  23. Natural Aquamarine Checker Puff Coin  | 24. Natural Rare Phantom Quartz Pear Drop Checker

25. Natural rare Phantom Quartz Checker Faceted Pear Drop  |  26. Natural Aquamarine Faceted  |  27. Natural Purple Amethyst Pear Drop Bead


All Natural stones are hand-bezeled with Sterling Silver or Vermeil Gold.
Pricing between $49 – $300, depending on the style and quantity. To request a custom Bracelet, earring or necklace – please contact me.


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