As soon as I saw you…

What a busy week! But, at least I got some happy mail. My “As soon as I saw you“… the sign from House of Belonging came in, and I am so in love with it!

It literally says it all and fits so well into our space. I was eyeballing this sign for quite some time, I talked to “House of Belongings”  about shipping it to Japan (our current duty station) but they told me it wouldn’t be a problem, so I ordered it.

It got here last week, and I couldn’t wait to show you guys! I started rearranging some frames to give this beautiful sign its own place. It’s so well made, that I decided to hang in the living room instead of the Bedroom.

When I first ordered it, I planned to hang it over our bed. But after I opened the box it came in, I decided otherwise.

Here is a little sneak peek into our living room.
Okinawa Home tour - Livingroom - Houseofbelonging1

Shop my living room decor:

As soon as I saw you – Blog Post Update:

Ever since I hung this adorable “As soon as I saw you” wall decor wooden sign, I have moved it probably 20 more times throughout the house. It’s such a cute and decorative sign seems like it fits into any space.

As soon as I saw you - Decor

My favorite spot for it is above a Balinese dresser in our current living room. Love the white-washed paint on both of the pieces, they compliment each other so well.

So, since this post is a bit old, and an update was due. I looked through the links and realized that House of Belonging doesn’t have this wall frame anymore. 

As soon as I saw you

Or if you really like the quote you can also take a look at Etsy, there are lot’s of similar frames that may work for you.

What are your thoughts? Do you think hand lettering is just a trend or do you think it’s a design element that is here to stay?


I frequently get asked about my own Wooden Frame and have never known how to help people with it because I learned all I know from books and video tutorials. I don’t know a lot, but I love to practice and play around with it!

But, I found a great way to learn how to hand letter for beginners on Skillshare via Anne Kuiper, she has very simple to follow instructions and you will walk away with a great base for hand-lettering.

Once you know how to hand letter, there are many classes that show you how to turn your hand-lettering into art, like wall decor, on mugs, or even shirts and bags. The sky is the limit, you totally got this!


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