DIY – Pearl Waterfall Necklace

oyindoubara waterfall necklace diy
Pearl waterfall necklace diy

Nature is a very fantastic source of inspiration for any artist and today, it has inspired this DIY Pearl Waterfall Necklace. If you have ever travelled anywhere with waterfalls you will agree that waterfalls are a wonderful sight to behold.

DIY – Pearl Waterfall Necklace

For this project I will be combining two bead types. I have some main and accent beads. The main beads will be pearls, to add elegance and the accent beads to add a little sparkle to the necklace. To achieve this sparkle, I chose some blush pink Swarovski crystals.


You can begin with any part of the waterfall but I chose to start from the bottom with my accent beads.

oyindoubara waterfall necklace diy Step1oyindoubara waterfall necklace diy step2 oyindoubara waterfall necklace step 3

Repeat these steps for all your beads. Feel free to make as many as you like.
After you have looped and wrapped all parts, join them to the necklace by either:

  1. passing the each chain hole before wrapping your bead OR
  2. open each chain hole and pass your wrapped bead.

oyindoubara waterfall necklace step 4Your waterfall necklace is complete!
oyindoubara waterfall necklace diy final

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  1. I loved this so much that I had to try it. I used some leftover beads which were a dark purple color. I would add a picture, but I don’t know how to that.=)

    1. Hi Shery!
      That is awesome to hear! I’m super excited you got to make a piece for yourself. I would very much love to see it. If you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest please use any of these networks to share your photo. When you do tag me @oyindoubara or #oyindoubara. Also please use #IMadeItViaOEH.
      Looking forward to your photo! :).
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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