Congratulations Amber (Amanda M.)  (#10), you won the LOVE Tag necklace … yay!!!

I would like to take this opportunity and ask you all for a favor; as you may know, we have every 2 weeks a giveaway on my blog, and it has to be handmade!!!
I’m in need of as many handmade goodies as possible! If you have a craft, a hobby or just like to make things specially for our next giveaway, please start now or think of something. Comment on this post what you will make, and I will email you my address so you can send it to me, and at the next giveaway your item will be our next giveaway with a little story + picture about you.

If you have a store on etsy or any other site, your items will be featured and you’ll get a free sponsors spot for a month (right side + bottom).

HAPPY Valentine’s Day… look what we got from our Valentine, so cute that daddy even got Jasmine a little card.

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