How to re-touch jewelry pictures!

Are you one of many that struggle with their product pictures? Yes, well today I like to show you how you can improve your images with a few quick tips.

I myself was struggling with this issue for the first couple of years after launching my business, I remember my husband saying this a lot “are you changing your jewelry pictures AGAIN???” I was really frustrated, and it seemed like I just wasn’t going to be satisfied no matter what I did. But after I spend hours on my laptop searching for ideas, and tips. I actually started improving ….and last year I found my own “perfect for me” way to take and re-touch my pictures.

Good jewelry photography needs sharp, crisp focus. Here is how to re-touch your image in just a few simple steps with Photoshop, with a 55mm or 80mm lens.

Note: The 100mm will only give you more distance between the lens and the set up (you don’t get any more magnification).

  1. take your product, and lay it on a white surface, like a white paper, white acrylic sheet or cloth (whatever you feel like, would fit with your product)
  2. get your Digital SLR Cameras ready and take a picture of your item. (I will post soon on how to take the perfect picture)
  3. ok, so now that you have your picture taken, upload it to your computer, and start-up your Photoshop.
  4. in your Photoshop, open the image that you just took and crop it first.
  5. go to Image > Auto color – this will highlight the colors and lighten the background, most likely it will be almost white now!
  6. under Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast – now change the settings until you are satisfied with your image brightness.
  7. should you still have gray or blue edges, take them out with the Brush Tool (left hand side, under your tool menu)
  8. now let’s use your Dodge Tool (that’s the lens looking icon), this tool will lighten specific areas like a shadow. Take out the shadow around your piece or in between pieces.
  9. last tool – the Burn Tool (this tool can be found in the same area where you found the Dodge Tool), I like this tool – it basically darkens the areas you lighten too much, I usually just go over certain areas to highlight them.

Hope this helped you a bit to improve your gorgeous jewelry pictures!?

I also made a little video on how to actually apply these steps, in case you couldn’t really follow… here we go enjoy!

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