Falling in love with bow earrings

I woke up today, to one of the cutest custom earring request from a dear friend and customer Allie J. She had sent me a link of these also very cute Tiffany & Co. Bow earrings, wondering if I could make her something similar?

As I was laying in bed, looking at the earrings on my phone …I started thinking; how to make them just as dainty and cute as they are at Tiffany’s. It didn’t take me long and I had an idea, and when that happens I have to start using my hands and create. It seems like I am at my highest level of productivity and creativity.

Remember my very cute Wire Wrapped Bow Ring, if I may say so myself (I just love bows in all forms, as jewelry in packaging or for decoration). My new Sterling silver wire bow earring would be an unbelievable cute Set and gift idea for someone who is near and dear to your heart. If you like to request a set please contact me.

I made a few of these since my husband was watching Jasmine for the day (oh how I love FREE babysitting!) They are now available here in shiny sterling silver and matte sterling silver, I will be working on a pair of 14k Gold bow earrings in the near future. – Enjoy

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