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I got me a new sewing machine Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition, so I had to put it to use and made a few pillowcases for our new IKEA couch. Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did!

Pillow decor DIY

What you need:

  • 2x 19″x19″ inch fabric (Joann’s has a great selection of fabric, and they have a 50% off sale at the moment)
  • 1x 16″ inch zipper
  • sewing machine
  • Pins


  1. Cut two pieces of the same size of the pre washed fabric. In my case the pillow will be 48×48 cm (19″x19″). Add a little bit more that 1/4 inch (1 cm) to each side for seam allowance. 
  2. Zig zag around the two pieces to prevent fraying.
  3. Pin the zipper to the two pieces (centering the zipper). Make sure all the good bits are against the table at this point, the zipper pull and the print.
  4. Stitch the zipper to the pieces of fabric. When you get to the zipper pull, lift the lever at the back of the sewing machine and pull the zipper pull backwards. Release the lever and continue sewing. (I didn’t use the zipper presser foot so I had to do this step)
  5. Pin the right sides together. Make sure you’ve unzipped at this point or you’ll have problems turning the cover right side out later.
  6. Because the zipper is shorter than the fabric you want to sew the ends of each zipper so it’s seamless when turned right side out. 
  7. Stitch each side1/2 inch into the fabric, up until you reach the zippers end, lift the presser foot and turn your fabric clockwise, continue stitching over the zipper ends and fabric until you reach the end (see images 10-12).
  8. Stitch the sides. Starting 1/4 inch into your fabric.
  9. For nice corners, cut them at a diagonal fairly close the the stitching. This makes the corners neater when turned inside out. If your fabric is very thin you don’t need to do this but if its heavier it helps. (I zic zagged the corners after cutting just so it won’t fray)
  10. Turn your cover right side out and iron the case for a neat look.

That’s it! I made a few different colored pillow cases since I got all the fabric at a super deal.

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