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This week I like to introduce my new series  Made by color DIY – each episode will be posted each Friday for the next few weeks, so stay tune and sign up for the newsletter in order to get this series first hand.

Each Friday I’ll post color coordinated beads, which will be use to make new designs or custom orders. So let’s get started, with our first Episode .1.01 – Color Turquoise, Blue, Teal

Spending time on creating new jewelry designs, is one of my favorite things to do. So for this Episode I created a Jewelry piece for one of my friends here on the island. She is currently 7 Month pregnant and has a maternity shooting coming up at the end of this month with Perfect Expressions Photography.

I went with a beachy color – blue AB crystal (15mm in size) – this crystal will reflect all those beautiful colors from the water we have here, and will tie in perfectly with the background. To give this necklace a softer look, I used a cream brown ribbon, which is knotted in between each crystal.

Are you getting just as excited about this DIY? Ok, let’s get started!

You’ll need:

Most 15mm beads will come with a bigger hold, but if you are not sure read the description of the bead before ordering. The proper size for the Bead hole should be between 2-3mm. This is important because you need to fit the ribbon through it.

Cut the Ribbon in an angle to where it will be very pointy at the top, so you have it easier to enter the Bead hole.

On this next step you need to melt the ends with a lighter (be careful;hold the lighter not to close or your ribbon will curl), the ribbon will fit through the bead easier and fuss free. If you still struggle – use the Bead reamer to push your ribbon through. Slide the first bead to the middle of your Ribbon.

Knot each end as shown above, add 2 more beads on each side with knots in between.

When you have added all 5 beads to your ribbon, make sure to cut the ends one more time in a 45° angle, and melt them so your necklace stays nice for a long time. Now, this last step is very important, you NEED to iron your ribbon on the lowest heat or silk setting. Due to the pulling and squishing of your ribbon throughout this DIY project, it will look quite wrinkled – the ironing gives it the finishing touch!

I made a fitting bracelet to go with the necklace, which I personally fell in love with. Looks like I will have to make one for myself!!!

If you enjoyed this DIY, please leave me your comment. Let me know what you think about this cute Ribbon Crystal Necklace and Bracelet set? Or simply share it with your friends -Enjoy Betty

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  1. I am going out right now to Michael’s to see if I can find the supplies! My first attempt at Jewellery. 🙂 It’s gorgeous!

  2. I love this! I want to make this but I didn’t see any good bead options at Crafty Things :/

  3. All of your DIYs are incredible. You are so talented! Love this one, I’m also going to make myself some post earrings, bow ring, and wrapped stone ring (like your pink aventurine ring! LOVE!) Just ordered some 18 gage wire… 🙂 Where do you buy your beads? Thanks so much for all the awesome DIYs and your gorgeous work!

    1. Hi Daniela, glad you are enjoying my DIY’s. I get beads from all over the world, but for someone that needs only a few, I recommend; Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etsy and amazon has a few beads as well. The peach aventurine I ordered on etsy, just type peach aventurine and you will get a lot of sellers.

      Hope to get a chance and take a look at you complete projects.

  4. I adore this darling bracelet/necklace. I want one now! So, i guess I’m making a trip to Michaels/Hobby Lobby/JoAnn’s TODAY!

  5. Bettina,
    I am totally fascinated with your designs, I’m a custom, handcrafter myself, and you and I share some major commanalities on a grand scale. My daughter will celebrate her forty fifth birthday on the 22nd. Her name is “BETTINA”. She is engaged, and his last name is “JOHNSON.” I am so in love with your design in this Tute. I have those beads, and mounds of ribbon on hand, so I’ll be sporting a design of my own this weekend. Thanks a mill for the share.

    1. @Ladi so happy to hear that you got inspired by my bead/ribbon necklace & bracelet. I hope you will share your design with us?
      The name Bettina is very common in Germany, however since we moved to the states, I have heard of at least 2 more Bettina Johnson’s. Funny how one unique name turns out to be more common that you think!

  6. I have always loved beads, and ribbon but never made any jewelry using them together. I make woven ribbon pillows with beaded corners.

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