DIY // Japanese Leather Coin Purse

Hi there, I finished a little project last week, and can’t wait for you to see it. And hopefully try to make it yourself.

I had some leftover leather from my Leather Wrapped Wooden Coaster DIY, so when I found these cute purse handles, I knew exactly what I was going to use them with …a Japanese Leather Coin Purse.

DIY // Japanese Leather Coin Purse

Since we got back to Japan, my wallet has been divided into two currency sections. Once for my dollar bills and coins, and one for my yen bills. But, my yen coins are always overflowing my current wallet. So, I figure it was time to make one of those cute Japanese Leather Coin Purses.

The craft stores in Okinawa, Japan are very rare and there is only one craft store near me, that I know of and that I use on a regular basis to supply me for quick craft projects. Everything else I have to order online, which takes way to long for a spontaneous craft project.

Let’s talk about the supplies for this project, since some supplies I use are locally purchased, I went ahead and researched some of the stateside local shops. That way you can easily make this purse the same or next day.


Free Japanese Coin Purse Template by Oh Everything Handmade

Leather Coin Purse - Material needed

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DIY – Japanese Leather Coin Purse


Step 1. Print my Free Template and use one of the Fabric templates depending on which kiss lock handle you are going to use. The template has a Square or Round template. Lay the handle on the template to make sure the size is the same.

Tip: If your handle is bigger, simply print my free template at a bigger scale.

Step 2. Cut 2 outside fabric pieces (in my case I used thin leather), and 2 inside fabric pieces (I used Upholstery fabric). Sew the fabric together, facing the pattern side toward the inside.

Leather Coin Purse - Insert - Before and after

Step 3. Now, sew the outside pieces together, the same as the inside fabric. Once it’s sewn together, turn the right side out. And insert the inside fabric.

Leather Coin Purse - Add the insert to the purse

Step 4. Sew the edges together, turning the inside fabric outwards and if you use regular fabric turn the outside fabric inwards. Since I used leather that was not possible, so I only turned the inside fabric outwards.

Leather Coin Purse - Sew the leather and the insert together1Leather Coin Purse - Sew the leather and the insert together

Step 5. Apply some glue to the inside of your kiss lock purse handle and distribute it with a toothpick.

Leather Coin Purse - Secure the handle

Step 6. Insert the fabric and secure everything by pushing the paper string in between.

Step 7. Pinch the ends of the handle together to secure everything. Let the purse dry for at least 24h before using.

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Leather Coin Purse - Open purse DIY

Leather Coin Purse - Open coin purse

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