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I like to thank my readers, for following, supporting, and sharing. Therefore I’ll be sponsoring a DIY giveaway that includes 4 handmade items from our last DIY projects.

DIY: Gold drop Amethyst earring
DIY: Wire wrapped Ring
DIY: Pink Chalcedony necklace
DIY: Wire wrapped earring







All our jewelry DIY projects are made to be affordable and easy to make (you can find each DIY project by clicking on the image), but today 4 of our readers will be able to win one of the 4 DIY’s, along with a $10 Gift certificate from Bettina Johnson Jewelry.

Want to find out how you can enter this giveaway? Click below to continue…

“How to enter the giveaway”

  1. Comment at least on one of the 4 featured DIY projects (see at the top), with your thoughts on material affordability, and difficulty level – easy or hard to make!
  2. Subscribe to this Blog – so you never miss a thing!
  3. “Like” us on Facebook
  4. Share this giveaway or one of the 4 featured DIY projects, on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog

After you have completed these 4 steps, leave me your comments for each. So if you subscribed, leave me a comment saying “I subscribed to your Blog” or “I like your facebook” and “I shared this Giveaway on my facebook link: xxx

Your chances of winning are higher the more you share!

The 4 winners will be randomly picked on Sunday, 24th. I’ll announce them on Monday morning.

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  1. I love the earrings but they require steady and precise fingers to make them, like to thread the beads and all. I might give it a try if I can get my hands on the material but I can tell it really requires patience in order to get the beads on there correctly..

  2. I think the Gold Drop Amethyst Earrings would be the easiest for me to do because the seem like the most simple, but I LOVE the Pink Chalcedony necklace!

  3. lovely pieces. i think i could do any of these, but i used to be the assistant to a jewelry designer, so i already have some tools…

  4. (I left my comment on the “DIY: Gold drop Amethyst earring’ post but I’ll add it here as well)

    Looks like I could accomplish this if I invest in the right pliers. Thanks for sharing this project! I bet my
    10 yr. old niece would enjoy helping me create these!
    I think it wouldn’t be too expensive or difficult ( if you don’t expect instant perfection-lol!)

  5. I love the ring!! It is a simple but amazing project! I think this tutorial and the amethyst earrings make great projects for beginners and are fun and relatively cheap to make!! fantastic

  6. The Pink Chalcedony necklace looks ok to make, I make a lot of jewelry at home. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I liked you on facebook and followed your twitter! I am really liking the wire wrapped earings!! Too cute! brogers1026(at)

  8. I loved the DIY Wrapped Ring. I have to admit that I am all thumbs when it comes to making anything but you made it look as if I might actually be able to make something like it.

  9. I love the Pink Chalcedony necklace. I think that with all the right tools and your instructions, i could probably do it, but my guess is, that I might not finesse it as you would:)


  10. I’ve made the ring before! I really love the necklace and don’t know if I could make something llke that!

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

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