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I’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy for quite some time. I actually started a few months ago but really didn’t have time to sit down and practice. Until the other day, when my beautiful friend Kelsey from, “she, in the making” posted a little bit about a calligraphy class she attended, and which I meant to go to as well, but didn’t get a chance to go!

Image courtesy by Kelsey Lemons
Image courtesy by Kelsey Lemons
Learn Calligraphy at home
Learn Calligraphy at home

I am always interested in learning new things, calligraphy is one of them. So today I’ll be helping you get your own calligraphy starter kit ready, so you can practice at home + I will tell you a bit about the best sources to learn calligraphy from your home which you can watch or read.

My calligraphy suggestions for your Little home kit includes:

Step 1 - Calligraphy how to learn
Step 1 – Calligraphy how to learn

I have tried a few different sources to learn calligraphy, but my favorite is the book “Modern Calligraphy” from Molly Suber Thrope and skillshare. Both are great ways to learn calligraphy in the comfort of your own home. Skillshare has many more classes; ranging from Business classes to Fashion design and software classes. And the book from Molly gives you lots of other sources, on how to hold the pen, what paper is the best and she also shares super fun DIY calligraphy projects.

I highly recommend both. On skillshare you can simply sign up with a monthly fee of 9.95/month or purchase each class individually as you go! To try Skillshare free for 7 day’s Sign up here.

Love you with all my heart
Love you with all my heart!

You can use the free practice sheet to practice straight lines, simply print and place it underneath your Bienfang™ #207 Calligraphy Parchment Paper, White.

Happy Calligraphying!

Download here:

Practice sheet

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