Bold and Beautiful Mid-Century Modern

When you have a bright room, with lots of natural light coming in through windows or doors, this Bold and Beautiful Mid-Century Modern style might be just the right one for you.

For those of you that are obsessed with Amazon, I created a Mid-Century Board with super cute accessories for your Bold and Beautiful Mid-Century Living room or Bedroom.

I am not shy to combine bold and beautiful elements to a space. To me it is the best combination to create a sophisticated and luxurious room. And this doesn’t mean that you have to paint your walls a bold color, in order to achieve this look. 

You can create a statement wall with wallpaper or simply add bold decorative accessories to the room to create a grown up space.

Sometimes a bold piece of furniture can also do the trick, combined with the right elements and colors it can make a great impact. 

Bold & Beautiful Mid-Century Interior Design

Bold Mid Century Interior design
Interior by @homestylemag

By adding warmth you transform the room into a cozy, yet bold space with multiple layers of color that is suitable for everyday use without overwhelming the mind.

Inspiration by InspirationDesignBooks

This particular space is very bright with playful elements like the textures of the rugs and the paintings. Yet, the bold colors and the decorations are kept a cold tone. Although these elements are so different from each other, they are working together without conflict.


This flamboyant wallpaper takes the tropical trend to a new level. Not for the faint-hearted, this trailing navy colourway includes cheeky monkeys hiding amongst the jungle canopy. Wouldn’t it provoke a smile on a wall in a cloakroom or hallway?


Forest green is earthy, but because of its deep tone, it is sleek at the same time. It’s not as playful as a lime green, nor as neutral as sage, but it instantly elevates your cooking space.

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