10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Christmas

Christmas Gifts Idea - 10 Mason Jar Gift ideas

I was looking for gift ideas to surprise my daughter’s teachers with, that’s when the idea of making each teacher a mason jar filled with goodness popped into my head! I also featured my top 10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Christmas edition in 2015.  Enjoy!!!

10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Christmas Edition

Mason Jar 1

Homemade hot chocolate mix

This homemade hot chocolate mix is super creamy and SO delicious! You can make a big batch to last you all winter or just a single serving at a time. It makes a great holiday gift idea too! Just layer the ingredients in a jar and attach a tag!

by lizlovegrowswild

10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas DIY christmas gift ideas

Christmas in a jar – Mulling Spices

The trick to this entire homemade gift idea, is to use Mulling Spices – available from World Market. Two bags will make 6 jars. These are great for last minute gifts, and can be done in minutes once you have the supplies!  It’s the easiest thing to make & takes minutes of  your time and a trip to the grocery store for a few other supplies.

by nestofposies

Mason Jar 3

Sand Art Brownie Mix Recipe

The classic brownie mix in this beautiful mason jar is an eye-catching gift to give this holiday.

by tasteofhome

Handmade Soy candle4

Soy candle in a Jar

The smell of vanilla dipped cotton in my house is filled with warmth and makes any rainy day a special day.

by oheverythinghandmade

Mason Jar 4


This sugar scrub will make your skin feel so soft and smells simply amazing!

by mom4real

Mason Jar 5


The second jar is called Loves To Craft and is for the crafter in your life. This could be for a young girl who loves to be creative but could also be given to a friend or a teacher.

by thegunnysack

Mason Jar 6

Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts 

Create a simple cocktail glass with all the ingredients tied with a bow with this mason jar cocktail gift idea craft. A jar, mini bottle of liquor, can of Coke, ribbon and scissors and straw is all you’ll need for this craft.

by something_turquoise

Mason Jar 7


Want to gift someone that has helped your community, like the coach of your son’s baseball team or the Mailman that drives endless miles to deliver your mail. Rebecca’s candy jars and tags a super fun.

by rebecca_simpleasthat


Homemade Pancake in a Jar

This easy to make pancake mix can be customized into a Christmasy pancake mix by simply adding cinnamon, nutmeg, raisin, chocolate chips and walnuts. Yum!!!

by oheverythinghandmade

Mason Jar 8

Baby Food Jar Snow Globes

Instead of buying some typical mini snow globes as a Christmas souvenir, make your own together with your kid!  This gift will be much more personalized and darling for your closest ones.

by craftaholicsanonymous

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10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas DIY Christmas gift ideas

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