Transform your Jeans into Spicy Shorts!

Spice up your Shorts
Spice up Your Shorts!

Do you have an old, but very loved pair of jeans hanging in your closet? I sure do but unfortunately, they started falling apart in the knee area. But because they are such a great fit and UBER comfortable, I re-purposed them into spicy shorts. I love lime green and the maxi piping is giving my old/new pair of shorts just the right amount of color.

Transform your Jeans into Spicy Shorts!

It was simple enough to add the piping, and I finished my shorts in less than 20 minutes.

Maxi Spice Shorts
Maxi Spice Shorts


  1. Cut jeans to your desired length
  2. Fold 1/4″ of your edge to the inside of your jeans
  3. Add the maxi piping along the edge
  4. Pin pin pin
  5. Start sewing with the right side up

Sewing on piping

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